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Partnering With LTWMO

Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10

Entering the Covenant Partnership means stepping into the Father’s glorious promise of a blessed life through LTWMO the same life that He has originally planned for man since the beginning of time.

What can covenant partnership do to me?

The Father wants us to live a blessed, abundant life. In fact, it is His glorious plan for all of us to partake of all His rich blessings for we are His rightful heirs. As the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo stresses that it is the Father’s perfect will to bless us physically, materially, financially and spiritually. He wants us to claim what is rightfully ours, which Satan, usurped from our first parents, Adam and Eve, when they fell into sin. That is why the Father through the Son is introducing the way to receive these blessings and that is through covenant partnership.

How can I be blessed through covenant partnership?

The curses of sin, problems, diseases and endless poverty, which we inherited from our first parents, can only be taken away by entering into the Father’s Covenant of Blessings through the giving of tithes or the tenth part of all our income, to the Father. This is acknowledging the Father’s sovereignty over our lives as recognizing that everything we have comes from Him. Through the spirit of giving, the spirit of lack, greed and selfishness, which are all the manifestations of the spirit of poverty, will be uprooted from us. Then, the Financial Revolution will finally take place in our lives.

Will blessings automatically come as I give my tithes and offerings?

As we sow our seeds of faith through giving, we believe that it will come back to us, tenfold, as the Word of God promises. We give by faith and we believe that the Father through the Son will truly fulfil His promises, if only we will faithfully follow His will.

Sometimes, our giving will be tested and God will intentionally and purposely withhold the promises He gave. This He does so He can find out what is really in our heart. He wants to see if we are doing His will without a motive of selfishness, greed and discontentment. Though we do not automatically see blessings come before our eyes, as we give, we know that these will soon follow as a result of our faith.

How do I become a Covenant Partner?

Use the form below to message our office expressing your interest to become a Partner. Alternatively, please contact the Founding President on the email

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